Suction Lagging Repair

Retail sector

The Brief

The suction lagging broken down. This caused ice to form around the lagging. The fifty one meters of  high level pipe work dripped water onto the shop floor and shelving. Polar were asked to survey the store and cost for a dry solution.


The Solution

A number of options were submitted.  The cheapest option was to replace the most damaged lagging and then hinge under the overhead pipework a drip tray. The water collected would then be feed by gravity into the frozen food cabinets condensates. The trays were designed and supplied by Polar to be fitted.

Polar provided the following deliverables:

The works were carried out over four nights after the store had finished trading.

It was agreed with the night manager and team leaders to plan of works.

The working area had barriers place at the top and bottom of the isles to keep the store night staff safe.

The risk assessments and permits were filled in and signed off.

The lagging was replaced first then the hangers and bar fitted.

The drip trays had been designed to nest together with one end 2mm wider than the other for a water tight install.

They tray joints were firstly evenly pumped with silicon then the trays laid together. Riveted together and stiffeners fitted to the sides to support the joints and finally silver tapped.

The trays had to cut to fit around the roof trusses and still be water tight this took the most time to make them look good and straight.

The run of trays were made to be as un-intrusive as possible so they were not excessively wide but would catch the water that ran off the pipe work.

The drop of the trays were to the end of the run. A drain spigot was then fitted to allow the water to be drained away down a half islands condensate.

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