The Old Kent Barn

Smersole Farm, Swingfield, Kent

The Brief

To replace the high energy consuming ventilation system with a new cost efficient heat pump system at the Old Kent Barn, Smersole Farm, Swingfield, Kent with a more efficient heating and cooling system using the latest Daikin technology and to install the new equipment with the minimum of disruption to the South East’s premier wedding event venue and their busy year round schedule.

The Solution

Polar Cooling’s expertise in the air conditioning industry and working in conjunction with partners Daikin, came up with the perfect solution by using Daikin products including a packaged ducted system providing significant energy savings, the system also provides free cooling for the spring and heating in the winter months.

The Daikin System provides:


Economical & reliable system


Quiet operation


Minimum space requirements


Heat recovery


High energy savings


Reduction of CO2 emissions


Automatic, precise energy control


Proven cost reduction


Polar Cooling Services are Daikin D1 partners and accredited installers of Daikin products.

By utilising heat recovery together with optimised control and state of the art compressor technology, the Daikin ducted unit reduces energy consumption by 50% and therefore offers a highly efficient way to reduce energy consumption and running costs whilst also reducing C02 emissions. By removing the need for separate electric heater batteries the internal unit space requirements were also reduced.

Phase 1 of the installation consisted of removing the 2 air handling units and associated electric heater batteries and to install a new Daikin UATYQ350CY1 packaged heat pump unit with fresh air economiser and a Co2 sensor and external insulated spiral ductwork for the wedding reception main area.

Phase 2 consisted of fitting a Daikin FDQ250B high static ducted unit for the dance floor area and a Daikin FDQ125C ducted unit for the bar area, a Daikin VAM 2000FC total heat recovery unit provides fresh air throughout the ground floor area.

Phase 3 consisted of fitting two new Daikin air conditioning split systems -one to the vestibule entrance and one to the upstairs office, the installation was completed with the fitting of a Daikin VAM 150FC heat recovery unit for the office area. The whole installation project had to take place with minimum disruption to the venues busy wedding schedule.

“Our old HVAC system took up considerable amounts of valuable space, was extremely inefficient and incredibly unreliable. The Polar Cooling team designed a new system that was half the size, more efficient and aesthetically appealing which was incredibly important for us. The investment has transformed our venue and 12 months down the line I don’t know where we would be without it

Will W.

Partner, The Old Kent Barn

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